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Any technical questions, read our FAQ first.

If after reading our FAQ you still have problems you could call our support number at (514) 312-4277. Our support desk is open from 10am-6pm Monday to Friday
We are also available by e-mail at support@webhostingcanada.org.

Getting started (uploading your web pages)
There are 3 ways to upload your files.
1) Use your favorite FTP client to log in and transfer files
2) Use Frontpage, which manages the transfer of your web pages from your home/office computer to your web site
3) Use 'File Manager', a web based version of your FTP client.

The section below describes how to use option 3)
Uploading your web pages using the File Manager.

Web Hosting Montreal  The file manager is located on the top left corner of your "cpanel", Second item from the left.

Clicking on it, a new window will pop, displaying the file contents of your web-site. There are quite a few folders, logs, tmp, public_ftp and public_html.

Web Hosting Montreal  What we are interested in is the public_html folder. To make your web page visible on the internet, all your web pages must be uploaded into the public_html folder (or the www folder, which is an alias for public_html folder).

Web Hosting Montreal  To go into the public_html folder, click on the image of the folder. This drills into the directory.

Web Hosting Montreal  Click on "Upload File(s)". This will bring up 12 textfields, each textfield is followed by a browse button. clicking on the browse button will bring up a "file chooser" dialog. You can only select one file at a time. Once you are done, select the "Upload" button to upload the files to the webserver

To rename, delete or move files you need to select the "text" of the file (or folder) you wish to change. On the right hand panel, a list of options become available to you so you could manipulate the files with. Show file, delete file, edit file, change permissions, rename file, copy file, move file.


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